30 Day Dealer Guarantee

Doodah.co.za guarantees all products bought from us with a 30-day dealer guarantee, certain products may carry a warranty.

Not all products are covered by warranty, for those that state they have a 6-month or 12-month warranty, it is covered by the following warranty policy. All information about a product such as the manual is included in the package. Before delivery, all products are double checked for any defect prior to dispatch.

This article is about the warranty on the products which state a warranty period.

All our products are dispatched from our local warehouse and are checked for quality, including checks of the appearance of the goods, the function of the hardware and software, the packaging, and inclusion of applicable accessories and power adapters.

If have received goods which appear to defect, please contact us within the warranty period to make a claim. Our friendly customer service will be happy to assist you in this process.

Extended Warranty Policy

For products which explicitly state an extended 6 or 12-month warranty period. (This does not cover any and all products sold by Doodah)

Doodah.co.za can only offer repairs, store credit or replacement for faulty products which either shipped faulty or developed internal faults naturally during usage without issues of physical damage or unsupported usage. In other words, if the product is faulty you can contact us to send it back for a repair, credit or replacement.

Warranty By Default Covers Repair

Doodah.co.za's warranty covers the repairs done on your faulty item and will return it for free. Another compensation is not normally available if the product can be repaired promptly. Before returning the product for servicing, in order to check that it is not a software issue, please reset the system to its default configuration by removing options and external connections, and remove the recently installed software if any. You also may be asked to do some troubleshooting over the phone before return authorization will be given.

When does the warranty period begin?

The warranty period begins with the receipt of the items or 7 days after the order was sent out. The period is exactly 6 months from that time.

Who pays for what?

  • Cost of shipping a presumably faulty item back to Doodah is paid by the customer and cannot be reimbursed.
  • Cost of supplier internal freight, export and any import duties and restocking fees on the Hong Kong or China sides: waived for faulty products and paid by Doodah.co.za in full. In other words, our supplier’s QC engineers will test the products you ship back and, if products are confirmed faulty, we will offer compensation (repair, replacement, credit or refund). However, for products that are tested and turn out to be in good working condition, Doodah.co.za will not accept any responsibility and may charge a restocking fee at our own discretion. Functional products will not be reimbursed.
  • Cost of shipping repaired item back to a customer from suppliers: paid by Doodah.co.za in full. In order to facilitate customs clearance, we will normally use Airmail and EMS if applicable to send back the repaired item to you.
  • If a product cannot be repaired: The original product price will be refunded in the form of credit in your Doodah.co.za account. You can use the credit towards a brand new replacement or a different product.
  • Any new import duty or sales tax for the consignee for the returned repaired products sent from China is their responsibility as per the usual policies.

In What Situations Are Returns/Compensation NOT Approved By Doodah.co.za?

The customer is solely responsible for choosing the right product, including for example

  • The “correct” desired memory capacity
  • The “right ” feature or product or compatibility
  • Colour
  • Garment size
  • Screen size
  • Touchscreen type
  • Digital TV format( DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB-T )
  • GSM band
  • NTSC/PAL colour region
  • Software version

Software Limited Warranty

Doodah offers no warranty, either explicitly expressed or implicitly implied, for any pre-installed software, its quality, performance, functionality, or compatibility for a particular purpose. Nor does Doodah warrant that the functions contained in the software will meet specific requirements or that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error-free. Thus, the software is sold ‘as is” unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing.

Limitation of Liability

Doodah reserves the rights to refuse warranty service of products under disputable conditions. Doodah also holds the rights to declare final decision whether products are within warranty conditions. The following actions and damages will result in voiding the limited warranty:

  • Damage caused by an act of nature, such as fire, flood, wind, earthquake, lightning, etc.
  • Damage or incompatibility caused by failure to perform a proper installation or to provide an appropriate operational environment for the product, including but not limited to unstable wired/ wireless network connection and phone lines, bad grounding, external electromagnetic fields, direct sunlight, high humidity and vibration.
  • Damage caused by impact with other objects, dropping, falls, spilt liquids, or submersion in liquids.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repair or disassembling of the product
  • Damage caused by any other abuse, misuse, mishandling, or misapplication
  • Damage caused by third-party peripherals (including but not limited to visible damages on motherboard or other electronic parts of the product such as burn spots after electric discharge, melting, fusing, splitting, etc.)
  • Any errors caused by software incompatibilities and viruses as well as unauthorised modification of built-in software (including BIOS).
  • Deterioration due to normal circumstances including the enclosures, diskette, manuals, and battery packs.
  • The serial number of the product (or serial number stickers of its parts) has been modified, removed, blurred or damaged.
  • Cracks and scratches on LCD and plastic material as well as other defects caused by transportation, handling or customer abuse.
  • The availability of two (2) and fewer pixel defects on the display of the device, which is not considered to be a warranty failure according to the manufacturer’s policy.
  • The effects of so-called “image sticking” and faults in brightness on LCD panels caused by fixed pattern pictures displayed for a long period of time (longer than one day).
  • Removing or damaging the guarantee seals.