What is Origin?

Origin is a digital distribution software company for games and related media. They handle digital rights management and communications for game development companies from the biggest to the smallest independents. The platform was created and developed by Electronic Arts. Users on the platform are able to purchase, download and manage games for PC (Windows/Mac), mobile phone (Android/iOs) and online social networking platforms, Facebook in particular.

Not only do they provide the platform for multiplayer gaming and product key activations. They have the official Origin Store where users are able to browse and purchase full price games from their extensive catalog. Popular games on the platform include: FIFA, Battlefield, Need For Speed, Dead Space and subsequently almost every other EA title was distributed on Origin.

Where can I buy Origin keys?

Origin has an official store for full price titles from their catalog. Keys are also available for purchase at a number of online retailers, including ourselves too. You are able to browse and purchase Origin games here from our catalog. We offer a fast service, codes are delivered instantly on payment confirmation. Once you've made a purchase and received delivery of your key you will be able to activate it using the instructions below.

Origin Key Activation Instructions:

Activating your new purchase requires a free Origin account, you will also be required to download the application from their servers. Full instructions are laid out below.

1. Visit: http://www.origin.com/us/about .  
Look in the top left corner for the download link, click to download the client.

2.  Once downloaded you open the file and complete the installation steps, when the installation has finished you will need to login to your account using the application.

(If you have not created an Origin account already you can create one at this link http://store.origin.com/ )

3. Once logged in you will be able to verify your code and claim your purchase, you can do this by clicking on the drop-down menu on the upper left corner of the screen and selecting "Redeem Product Code", enter your code and proceed.

4. Once the verification has completed you will be able to download your purchase from the "My Games" section on your Origin account.

Once downloaded you're all set to play, Enjoy! :)